Weddings and Portraits



Contact me if you want an unobtrusive, friendly and organised approach

My job is to photograph the fun and the small details of your special day that you may miss because of all the excitement.

It is a wonderful, hectic day.  So we sneak away so that you can have a moment or two alone and catch your breath. 

That's when I capture the real meaning of the day - your love for each other.

For many years I have been photographing weddings, from the smallest to the most grand,  I have decided to scale back and now provide my service solely to smaller, more intimate weddingsSo I am now offering you the advantage of an experienced and well equipped photographer for a "no frills" fee.

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Contact me if you want a fun and relaxed portrait.

Portrait sessions should be fun.  People find it very intimidating to be faced with a photographer behind a camera and surrounded by studio lights but, everyone who arrives in my studio a bit tense and worried goes away with a smile on their face.

Usually people come to my studio in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, but I am happy to visit your home.

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